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Why Kiko isn’t active on social media

February 11, 2018 4:20 PM
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Whether you’re ready or not to plunge into love this Valentine’s Day, Regal Films’ “My Fairy Tail Love Story” (opens on Feb. 14) will make you feel like you’re floating giddily as you imbibe the millennial vibe. It’s like “The Little Mermaid” with a Pinoy twist.

The charming film stars Janella Salvador, Elmo Magalona and Kiko Estrada. They are true children of show biz, since they grew up in the limelight with their celebrity parents. Although doors open faster for them, it’s also tough to step out of their parents’ shadow.

Kiko is out to show that there’s more to him than being the son of Gary Estrada and Cheska Diaz.

What’s your dad’s advice about show biz and love? Patience is a virtue. You need it in both show biz and love.

What’s the best and the toughest part of being the son of Gary Estrada? I’m blessed to have a father like him. There’s a bit of pressure to outdo him or match his level of success. I like the pressure, though. It serves as my adrenaline shot.

In what ways are you and your dad similar and different? We like the same movies and idolize the same actors. We both want to live simply. We are different in how we approach things. He’s very disciplined, while I’m all over the place. But that’s good so that we have our own identities.

How did your mom and dad’s separation affect you? I have two families who love me to the core. I always looked at it that way, instead of making it affect me negatively.

How are you living up to the millennial mantra, “yolo” (you only live once)? I live how I want. We shouldn’t let anyone have the key to our happiness.

What are your challenges as a millennial? To be active on social media, which I can’t relate to. I value my privacy, which is hard nowadays.

What do you find hard to understand about girls? How they can sometimes become quite childish.

What’s the cheesiest thing you did for a girl? I rented out a theme park for her.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done? Too many to mention. It’s only for my mom to know (laughs). It’s time to grow up.

What movie of your dad would you want to do a remake of? “Tag-araw, Tag-ulan,” the film he made when I was born.


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