‘Wild and Free’ review: Bedazzled in a bed of roses

October 14, 2018 1:30 AM

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'It is almost as if Wild and Free isn’t aware of how toxic it and its message are'

Poop, despite being drizzled with perfume and sprinkled with glitters, will still smell and look like poop.

When ex-lovers Ellie (Sanya Lopez) and Jake (Derrick Monasterio) serendipitously meet and start to talk of their failed romance, it almost feels like the film is treading the same tired ground a lot of tragic love stories treaded before. Ellie and Jake exchange awkward glances and conversations about the heartbreaks they have suffered apart.

apart is that it is not satisfied with mere reminiscences of the good times when love was blossoming. It has carnal yearnings. Their awkward glances are laced with knowing and lustful looks, and their conversations are riddled with innuendos.

drastically dubious is that it insists that the love story at its center is pure and pristine, that its characters deserve not just a happy ending that is sealed with a passionate kiss, but one that is rife with steamy and sweaty lovemaking.

However, the narrative itself is an offensive tale, not because it puts its prurient intentions above everything else, but because its message is simply toxic. While most local romances are ridden with distasteful portrayals of women with its ladies shown fawning and doing anything for their men,

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