How to use Feng Shui color in your home

November 21, 2014 4:00 PM

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WE always deal with colors. They give description, life and identity to certain things – from clothes, to personal properties and even to emotions.

In Feng Shui, colors have their meaning as they interact with chi or energy. When you use a certain color on a particular thing, it can create harmony, may bring luck or omen, or can give effect on perception or can even reflect your personality.

We all know that red in feng shui represents luck, fire element, passion, abundance, love and romance. If you use feng shui color, you need to know the different areas of the feng shui bagua and see what feng shui colors correspond to each life situation. You also need to consider the psychological effects of color and see what good vibes it can give. Take note, black is seldom used in Feng Shui colors.

* Yellow. Many Chinese do wear yellow color on Mondays. Of course, red is their primary color for Monday. Yellow is very happy, uplifting, warm, stimulating, and expansive.

Like red, yellow belongs to the fire element. If you’re going to use yellow color in your house, locate the fame/reputation area of the feng shui bagua. Yellow enhances abundance/prosperity, and relationships/love areas.

Yellow gives uplifting effect in the kitchen, dining room, and living room. If you will use it in the bedroom, make sure it is an earthy or pale yellow.

* Orange. Orange also represents fire element but less intense than red. Orange is a better color to use in interior spaces. Use orange predominantly in the fame/reputation area of the feng shui bagua. You may also use orange in the abundance/prosperity, and relationships/love areas.

Orange is appropriate color for the kitchen, dining room, and living room because of its appetizing and social qualities. If used in the bedroom, make sure it is an earthy orange because orange is associated with health. It is ideal to use when healing from an illness.

* Green. This represents the Wood element in feng shui, promoting change, growth and flexibility. Seeing a leafy landscape full of trees while healing from an illness can increase the healing rate.

Wear green to do yoga or write with a green pen when brainstorming. Use green where you need to be more creative or even the color of your smartphone case.

* Violet or purple. Purple gives soothing and calming effect and is often related to intuition and spirituality. Purple is one of the best feng shui colors for the abundance/prosperity area of the feng shui bagua.


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