Top PHL designers say 2015 is the year to dress down

February 2, 2015 6:51 AM

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2015 is the year to “tone down,” embrace understated elegance, and return to the classics, top fashion designers tell GMA News Online.

“I'm really liking the understated elegance look, so it's going to have really clean lines and classy silhouettes. Easy-to-wear pieces that are minimal in concept yet exudes so much style,” said couturier Jaz Cerezo as she explained how her next set of designs will tie in with this year’s trends.

For her personal wardrobe, the designer known for her feminine, often embellished pieces will be embracing the “anti-fit trend… because of all the lechon I ate!” she joked.

Kidding aside, dressing down is a great way to play with basics and, ironically, to upgrade your look. You can do this by choosing well-tailored pieces, clean lines and a neutral, versatile color palette.

Cerezo added that “[a pair of] good fitting jeans always saves the day.”

If your jeans fit like a glove then they’re all you’ll ever need for your weekend errands or a day at the mall—that or your standard white button-down shirt (and note that these apply to both sexes).

A favorite among Manila’s most sophisticated women, designer Vania Romoff knows all about quiet elegance. Her trend forecast for this year includes “playful suits” for the guys and “dressing with ease” for the girls.

“Fashion in 2015 will be all about fun practicality,” said Romoff, adding that the footwear of choice this year will be a good old pair of flats.

“I think this year is all about [the] vintage look,” said owner of online boutique Ramp in Vogue, Lyza Syiaco.

“Lace-inspired dresses/tops…[take the] look to a higher level. It never goes out of style,” she added.

And to match those vintage dresses, why not grab a hat and a pair of classic pointy pumps, both of which are closet must-haves this year according to Romoff and Cerezo, respectively.

As for prints, Romoff said simply that “polka dots!” will reign supreme for 2015.

Another big style shift this year is the blurring of lines from sport to couture, or the exaggeration thereof. Thus the birth of “lumbersexuals” and none other than runway favorite Jerome Salaya Ang’s ultimate 2015 must-have, the “sports couture jacket.”

The heavily experimental designer is currently eyeing the “health goth trend for… [his] personal outfit” while his next collection is set to feature clothes that are “more wearably avant.”

We can only expect that this means some delightfully complex and confusing pieces, which go hand-in-hand with Cerezo’s prediction that femininity and masculinity will be played up.

“The guys will not be able to get enough of dangerous curves while the girls will go crazy over the lumbersexuals,” said Cerezo.

For your reference, “Lumbersexual” is an internet-appropriated term used to describe a full-bearded, masculine look often matched with plaid shirts, rugged jeans, and a pair of Palladiums.

“Health Goth” refers to a recent emerging trend that mixes the ease of sportswear with the futuristic, edgy elements of cyber-punk and goth. Notable details are chunky metallic accessories, body-hugging silhouettes, fashion-forward materials like mesh and Perspex and, of course, lots of black and white.

A sophisticated hue, Marsala is a great accent color that works well with either feminine vintage or neutral, toned-down looks.

“I've been using Marsala or maroon, to simply put it. for a while now and it has come out in my previous collection. I love the shade thought. It's bold without being ostentatious,” said Romoff.

“I have used Marsala from my S/S 2015 collection, so if you are keen on following this trend you can check out my collection,” she said.

Although 2015 will be about reviving the vintage, there are some old looks that are best kept that way.

Cerezo and Romoff both agree that it’s time to say bye-bye to body-hugging or "bodycon" dresses.

“I think I've had enough of sheer bodycon dresses for now,” said Cerezo.


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