FROM NCR, WITH LOVE | Metro Manila mayors finalize list of typhoon-hit towns they will adopt

November 20, 2013 5:38 PM

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By: Clara Masinag, November 21, 2013 1:25 AM

MANILA - Plans to have typhoon Yolanda-devastated towns in Eastern Visayas adopted by the National Capital Region were formalized Wednesday, with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announcing the final list of Metro Manila mayors and their counterpart LGUs under the agency’s adopt-a-town scheme.

The Metro Manila LGUs will help their adopted localities for one year to help them recover from the super typhoon’s devastation, said MMDA chief Francis Tolentino. He added that, “(Mandaluyong) Mayor Benhur Abalos even pledged to repair the damaged municipal hall of Tanauan. We are thankful to the mayors for their all-out support to this project.”

Tolentino earliler personally supervised the MMDA’s relief and clearing operations in Tacloban City.

He said more aid is on its way to towns ravaged by the typhoon. Navotas donated 5,000 packs of relief items to Lawaan, Eastern Samar and sent its 31 personnel to help in the rehabilitation efforts, he said. “A team of engineers, planners, and relief operation personnel based in Cebu is now ready for immediate deployment to Tanauan and Isabel in Leyte,” Tolentino added.

MMDA and the Metro Manila Council, in an emergency meeting last week, agreed to implement the adopt-a-town program to hasten the recovery of typhoon-devastated localities in the Visayas region. MMC is composed of the 17 NCR mayors. An MMC resolution unanimously signed by the MMC says each Metro Manila LGU would adopt at least two worst-hit localities and help them in the post-recovery operations.

Tolentino said with the help of Metro Manila mayors, damaged towns and cities, particularly in Leyte and Samar which suffered the brunt of the typhoon, can recover faster.


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