Morissette Amon successfully passes ALS, finishes junior high school

April 15, 2018 7:51 AM

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Despite already gaining success as a musician, 21-year-old Morissette Amon still felt the need to go back to school.

When the birit queen who hails from Cebu moved to Manila for a musical career, she had to let go of her studies when she was a teen in second-year high school.

Since making a name for herself in talent competitions, variety shows, viral YouTube song covers and her own concerts, Amon has now chased her dream of completing her studies.

Amon went through the alternative learning system (ALS) which targets Filipinos who are unable to access the formal education system. It gives them the chance to receive basic education based on their situation and needs.

ALS learners undergo an Accreditation and Equivalency Test to measure if they have gained the same competencies as those in formal education.

“I am proud to share na nakapasa po ako sa (I passed) Exam [and] have now finished Junior Highschool!” the singer announced.


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