What makes a cozy room

December 26, 2014 4:00 PM

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WILL you fill your walls with frames of beaches or of nature’s wonders to make you feel relaxed as you wind up your weekend with your freshly-brewed coffee?

You may opt to put plants or water fountain on a corner or add a dim color light to make the room more inviting.

Actually, a room that is simple is better. With right color and accessories, you can create a perfect haven. Monochromatic schemes are fine (white or beige), just be sure to add some pops of color with accessories.

* Add life. Try out some trendy succulents, which are very hardy, or an easy-to-grow houseplant. Fake plants may add some delights but they easily gather dust and look old. Placing a houseplant or two by a sunny window instantly makes a place feel homier.

* Add accessories. Newspaper basket, throw pillows or rugs are some of these. If your sofa has pillows, but still seems uninviting, a throw can make a difference. Likewise, layering a throw on the end of a bed can tie everything together. Woven baskets for toys, newspapers, extra pillows or books are another great way to add texture to a space. They also keep the room tidy and uncluttered.

* Add books. You need not feel as though you’re an avid reader; books can simply be used as beautiful objects on a display. You don’t exactly need a book shelf, a medium size open closet or book stand will do. If you have a coffee table or center table in your living room, add some books or magazine. They can add height to other items you might want to showcase.

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