Here's how you can support Katarina Rodriguez in Miss World 2018

December 7, 2018 9:38 AM

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Help Katarina enter the final round of the competition

MANILA, Philippines – With the Miss World 2018 competition coming to a close on Saturday, December 8, Philippine representative Katarina Rodriguez needs everyone's help to enter the final round of the competition.

This voting has a catch because it introduces a special continental voting. Each continent is given one vote in determining the next Miss World.

Countries who win the voting within a specific continent will get the vote for the continent. Votes are not limited to member-countries of the continent.

Egypt, for example, can vote for the Philippines even if the former belongs to Africa while the latter belongs to Asia. If Philippines wins the continental poll in Africa, she will get Africa's one vote.

They will act as 5 judges, each having a single vote. Delegates with the most votes on top of the votes of the seated judges wins Miss World 2018.

As an example if Philippines wins voting in Africa, Europe and America, she will get 3 votes aside from the votes she will be receiving from the judges.

You can also continue voting Katarina via Mobstar as seen on the instructions on the Miss World Philippines Instagram page.

Voting closes during the live telecast of the competition in Sanya, China.


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