Give your feet a break, wear sneakers

November 12, 2014 4:00 PM

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TOWERING heels, stiletto, pumps, wedges, platform, or anything with at least an inch of kitty heels are surely the best shoes most of us are wearing on a daily basis. If feet could talk, what would you think they’d say right in your face? Yeah, right. Give them a break. Your feet will thank you for wearing sneakers and if you think you can’t be stylish wearing those pairs, think again. Here are some styles you can try with your ever dependable sneakers.

* Sneakers with skirts (long or mini). You’ll never go wrong with this ensemble. A long or mini skirt paired with casual tee or blouse plus your favorite sneakers is definitely a head turner. Try this outfit in one of your gimmicks or casual mall tours. Check out a skirt and top in similar colors, and your sneakers within the same color family.

* Sneakers with leggings. Ditch your ballerina flats with your sneakers for a change. The slim silhouette is sexy and pairing it with a sneaker is without doubt a thumbs up.

* Skinny jeans. No qualms here, this outfit is good forever. If you’re having a bad hair day. Just put on your favorite jeans and a cute top and you’re ready to face the world.

* Sneakers with shorts. Ask any guy around and he’ll agree that this combo outfit is one of the hottest styles they would probably ask their girl to wear. Try denim shorts and a tee or a blouse to look chic or a printed blouse to look ultra cool. The posibilities are endless.

* Sneakers with dress. Another hip style is this girly-tomboy mix. You can never go wrong wearing this staple in your next hangout with friends. It's super cute but make sure the dress is above the knee.

* Sneakers with a gown. Yes, you read it. If you want to be daring. you can try this as others call it the 'style dare.’ Many celebs dared to wear this outfit and they looked pretty cool.


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