Fixes to wrong shades of makeup

November 12, 2014 4:00 PM

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THIS sometimes happens – you bought the wrong shade of your foundation, eyeshadow or blush-ons. Although there are testers at the counter, the mall lighting sometimes reflects different color.

Rather than tossing that wrong makeup, learn how to mix and match the wrong makeup with other cosmetics.

* You bought the wrong foundation. Make it darker in case you bought a lighter foundation. Apply the foundation as you normally would and then dust a little powder bronzer onto your cheeks, forehead, and chin using a large blush brush. The copper tones will help add warmth and depth. Or create a richer color by mixing a small amount of foundation with a drop of gel bronzer in your palm.

In case you bought a darker foundation, make it lighter by diluting the color – mix it in your hand with a squirt of untinted facial moisturizer.

* Wrong blush. If you bought a darker blush, make it less intense by softening a blinding shade. Start by applying a more neutral-colored blush like tawny brown, which creates a natural-looking flush on most skin tones. Then add a pop of the bright color on top. Together, this duo delivers a subtle blend of wearable color.

In case you got a brighter blush, first sweep the blush over the apples of your cheeks; then tap the tops of your cheekbones with your most vibrant shade of pink blush. Add a dab of shimmer cream or powder from the same color family. Viola, you created the illusion of higher cheekbones.

* Wrong shade of lipstick. In case you bought a dark color, try to soften it. After filling in lips with the too-loud shade, top with a neutral beige lipstick. Continue layering on the beige until you reach your desired tone.

In case you got a light color, you need to intensify the shade. Line and fill in your lips with a lip liner that’s at least two shades deeper than the lipstick. Then apply the lipstick and a deeper shade of gloss for sheen.

* Wrong shade of eye shadow. Sometimes the color codes of eyeshadow do not match the color you exactly want or the product sample looks fine but again you’re confused because of the mall lights that radiate different hues.

In case you bought the dark color, soften it by sweeping lids with a taupe-tone shadow or a pale yellow powder. Then apply a light coat of the blaring color. If it’s still too intense, add another layer of the lighter shade. Or if the shadow is bright green, blue, or violet, you can use it as an eye-liner to softly define just your upper lids.


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