Filipino in Dubai for 42,000km global run

November 21, 2013 6:07 AM

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Cesar Guarin, the first Filipino and Asian to take the challenge of running around the globe, is back in Dubai for the next leg of his 42,000km global run.

Guarin, 58, in May this year made the seventh leg of his global run in the desert and roads of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE, covering a distance of 1,265km. This time, he will run across the seven emirates of the UAE from November 22 to 29 to express his gratitude to the country’s residents for their $10 million aid for the victims of typhoon Haiyan.

Still maintaining Tatakbuhin ko ang buong mundo (I will run the whole world) with the same determination and fervour as ever, Guarin said his Middle East run was one of the hardest he had ever undertaken. “Running in summer, I had to keep myself hydrated all the time. I did not expect that, so I had to run with determination. Thank God I completed it.”

“I decided to come back for the UAE run because the last time I ended my Middle East run in Dubai, I noticed so many Filipinos who supported me in my global run. I did not do this run to set a record in the Guinness Book of World Records, but for the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), whose stories have inspired me to become an ultra-marathoner,” he added.

His dream to bring home the first Olympic gold to the Philippines inspired him to become an ultra-marathoner. A marathoner since his teenage days, covering 60 to 70kms, Guarin, a fine arts graduate, underwent intense training for the Olympics marathon, but suffered a leg injury due to over-training.

With still a long way to go, Guarin will finish his 48-country global run in 18 stages. So far, he has covered 24 countries. After the UAE, he will run in North America from Alaska to Los Angeles, to be followed by Japan, Korea and China, from where he will go to Europe across Austria to Greece.

Starting in the Philippines, running from Zamboanga City in the South to Baguio City in the North, covering 2,251km in 1983, Guarin made a 4,690km trans-USA run from New York to Los Angeles. After that, he undertook a 3,756km trans-Europe run in 1992 from Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland to Italy. He took a break to take care of his growing children before heading to Autralia for a 1,053km run, followed by a Middle East run of 932 km; USA-Canada run of 1,272km; Egypt-Jordan-Israel run of 1,882km; and, Russia-Hungary run of 2,539km.

He still has the 1,820km Finland-England run; 2,500km North America run; 2,500km Brazil-Argentina run; 2,223km India-Nepal-Bhutan run; 2,291km South Africa run; and 2,500km Myanmar-Singapore run.


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