Claudine Barretto threatens Raymart Santiago; says Raymart makes her sick

November 22, 2013 12:11 PM

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People were expecting Claudine Barretto to calm down because her case against Raymart Santiago is already in the court, but based on her latest revelation on her Instagram account posted yesterday, Nov. 21, 2013 (Philippine time) on, the youngest in the Barretto sisters is still willing to air her traumatic experience with her former husband.

Claudine called her former husband a loser and wife beater. "Raymart Santiago you are such a loser! Go ahead & spend all my money in supporting our helpers to harass me," Claudine posted. Based on the report, aside from their marital problems, Raymart is also using Claudine's money to support the accusations of their housemaids. That is why Claudine got mad.

The youngest Barretto also said she will tell the truth about Raymart if the actor will continue to tell a lie against her. "If you do not stop spreading lies about me, I will start telling the truth about you! You make me sick conspiring with my family & employee. You will not and cannot lay your hands on me anymore. Wife beater," the actress continued.

Claudine's latest revelation against her former husband is now the subject of malicious conversation in social media. It also received negative comments from her bashers online. Some of them said she should stop because Raymart Santiago is now moving forward. They also praised Raymart for not fighting back. "Good move Raymart, you're doing the right thing," kitty_cute commented. Source. comment #99.


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