I Bet My Childhood Easter Egg Hunts Were Better Than Yours

April 1, 2018 7:00 AM

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I Bet My Childhood Easter Egg Hunts Were Better Than Yours

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! Whether you’re celebrating or not. For today, allow me to take a trip down memory lane.

Growing up, my family would always celebrate Easter Sunday. We would hear mass and my mom would prepare an Easter egg hunt. When I was a kid, it would be simple. She would just hide plastic eggs in the living room filled with candy. When my brother was old enough to participate, it got more elaborate. She started hiding the eggs around the house filled with not just candy but money.

I remember this one year where she made it more like a treasure hunt around the house. We each had maps and every time we would reach one destination, we would either find another clue or an egg. And these weren’t puny plastic eggs, these were colorful, pastel eggs on steroids. She would hide them everywhere like by the tires of the cars and in the pantry behind canned goods.

Another year, my mom outdid herself. Not only did we have to search around the house but some stops even had physical tasks. But the tasks weren’t just confined to our house, my mom even hid Easter eggs in the park.

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