The best place to shop is your closet

November 12, 2014 4:00 PM

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IF you’re a wise spender, you know how to stretch your budget food, transportation, daily household needs and clothes.

Your wardrobe for instance, can become your “shopping area” if you know how to mix and match your clothing. You may not be aware you are already filling your cabinet with clothing that can create a fashion statement.

Everything old is new again because fashion simply repeats its trends. What was popular during the 70s or 80s can become trendy today. The secret – know how to mix high and low fashion.

So, instead of dumping your old clothes, revisit your wardrobe. With simple modification, you can make old clothing look new. Just be a conscious fashionista!

* Stop buying tops every payday. You are just overcrowding your closet. Check first your closet to see if you already have a similar item from the one you saw in the department store.

* The next thing to do is to sort your clothes. You cannot find the “best” if everything is messed up and disarranged. Organize your garments according to color, then by style. Put together all similar items (don’t be shocked to discover that you have plenty). Place a tag on these similar or duplicated items “no need to buy” (to remind you also that you had spent your fortune on the same item). This will help you reduce your shopping habit when you’re in the mood to shop again.

* Donate. For sure there are some excess items or clothes in your closet that no longer fit you or they had been stocked in your cabinet for more than a year or two. Let go of some of them to the charity.

* Sort the old and new. Sort all the vintage and modern clothes. In this way, you can easily mix and match the old and new. Retro fashion is always trendy and it can easily complement with its contemporaries.

* Start “shopping”. Now that you have sorted everything, you can now easily find which one will suit you best. For easy pick, select, arrange and label the clothes (Monday to Sunday) you plan to wear for the week.


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